Finally….i decided to open this Blog, and YES!!!! it is long over due.

I mean, what took me so long? i used to think i was spontaneous and i had this in mind like Forever….i wouldnt say i didnt have a Muse, because I Am my Muse…ohhhh YES I LOVE MYSELF that much and its all about me and me Alone….that doesnt mean i am self centered you know, but i inspire myself, encourage myself, depend on myself, look out for myself….and the list goes on and on….Enough about me already Jare!

All that been said, Welcome to the future of real talk, gist, and hell yeahhh…’Gossip’ and whatever comes to your mind…..i am that friend you wish existed, i mean yeah i exist but only in this forum…hehehehh.

On a more serious note, i just wanna write anything that comes to my mind, share it with anyone who cares to listen, and most of all, be that friend you always wanna talk to. i am not perfect and not an island either, so i would gladly appreciate your efforts on how to make this blog grow.

Once again, Welcome to the beginning of the first day of the rest of your life…

Sannom Kingz.


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