About my Blog!!

Hi Everyone…After introducing this blog yesterday to a lot of people, some still couldn’t get the drift on what this blog is gonna be all about….so i am here to enlighten all of you or should i say ‘those who didn’t get me right’….

This blog isn’t about news, trends or what have you……the likes of Linda ikeji does….i mean, i admire her and all others for the tremendous work they do but thats not my line, at-least not for now….i just wanna write, post life related stories, articles, quotes from people who makes sense to me, talk about my ideas, talk about LOVE, (of cause i Love to talk about Love, i believe in it) talk about careers, our dreams, ways to achieve it, talk about relationships, friendships, marriage, you just name it…..i am gonna talk about everything that matters……And just so you know, i am gonna murder my Punctuation marks because it makes me pass the kinda message i want the way i want it(lol), but……that doesn’t mean i dont follow the rules of punctuation when its deem fit ohhhh…..i know the difference..

(sigh)i feel nervous, or should i say EXCITED!…I waited soo long to write something, i feel i am that good and i just want to share my views and my thoughts with anyone who cares to listen…..you know that feeling when you have alot of things to say and you keep soliloquizing like its you and someone else but its actually just you….you know, i started writing a book few years ago, and then i got stuck, i also used to read alot of novels and along the line i just stopped….what could have been the problem, i kept asking myself…..And then i realised, i didnt try enough, i didnt push hard enough….i mean, this is what i really love doing why did i have to give up on it?

Now, the punch line is….i didnt give up, i just got stuck and maybe it lasted a while but here i am writing Again….this is a start for me….doing something i love, it gives me great fulfilment and a sense of direction…..this is my ‘thingg’, my very one ‘thingg’, that ‘thingg’ that makes me blush while i do it, that ‘thingg’ that makes me nervous while i do it, that ‘thingg’ that gives me peace and calm while i do it….So, whats your Thingg????

We all have a Thingg, that thingg that makes you feel like every other thingg comes second……i do have alot of thinggssssss, i have options……but writing, is my NO1 Thingg…



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