“Love is all that Matters”

Welcome to my first post in 2016, and please forgive me for keeping you this long…..i have a lot to talk about and been thinking of which to start with…then i stumbled into something that couldn’t wait…………just read this lyrics or sing it if you know it.

“Sometimes we make each other cry,

sometimes we are lost inside the prisons of our pride,

sometimes we break each others hearts with the words we say, and let anger get in the way…but always after all, LOVE is all that matters……

After everything, one thing remains the same, one thing we cannot change….

we all have one heart, and one heart needs another, Love is all that matters, love is all that matters…..it matters after all”

“Sometimes we search this world for gold
When all we really need is just a hand to hold
Sometimes we let the greatest treasure just slip away
With the words we forget to say,too many times ……………….(Chorus again)

I have always loved this Song and the feeling it gives me, i feel my dear readers should partake also….

This song is really Deep if you know what i mean, i know this may not be what we are expecting, but relate to this song and find yourself again, talk to people with Love and Respect, appreciate friends and family around you, let go of your past and enough of the regrets, follow your heart and pursue your dreams….Always be optimistic, because Honestly, Everyone deserves a second chance at being Happy…..

May 2016 be your Year of Unending Miracles and Unexpected Turn-around…..BELIEVE!

Sannom kings.


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