You Deserve it.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you dread the fact that you want so much out of life? I have observed a trend amongst friends. Say friend A is talking about her material wants and says “I really just want a brand new Mercedes A-class”, and friend B says “At this point, I’d manage anything. You know you have to start at the bottom”, friend A starts feeling bad for wanting a Mercedes. Friend A suddenly feels undeserving, and feels the need to tone down her dreams to suit the general societal perspective that says you must start at the bottom.

Sometimes, we hold back on pursuing our dreams and aspirations because we feel undeserving of the success we might find. How will we explain to our friends and colleagues that we have been favorably transported to a new level of success? How will we explain the fame we might get or the delirious happiness we might feel? This leads to an unhealthy fear of success, and we find ourselves dreading it. As a matter of fact, we choose not to pursue aspirations that might lead to this success, and instead prefer to fight an uphill battle just so we feel we deserve what we get.

Listen; the key to success is not simply by hardwork, it is also by smart work. If you are able to work both hard and smart, then you will be successful, like it or not! And you deserve every little bit of your success! Stop wondering about what people may or may not think of you. Stop thinking up explanations to make others feel better. You deserve success! You deserve the best. If the best is what you want, the best is what you’ll get! Never ever apologize for your high standards and big dreams. Many people feel the need to connect with a morally acceptable level of future aspirations- nothing too high, or too low, so let’s call it optimum. But the truth is optimum is a euphemism for mediocrity! Stop adjusting your dreams to suit the standards of those who cannot see beyond their noses! Stop apologizing for wanting the things you want! You deserve it, and you will get it.



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