Trust Your Journey!

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the surprises are downright unpleasant. You’ve probably planned a seamless stress-free journey through life. You’ve probably made the right plans, made the right moves, and even tried your best to maintain the right connections. However, for some reason, things are not working out the way you planned, and you find yourself at your wits end, wondering if and when things will fall into place. Perhaps everything is beyond your control at this point and you keep asking yourself “why me?”

Trust your journey. Yes, others may be zooming past you, and arriving at their destinations. Others may be showing off with they have achieved while you have to cower in shame because none of your aspirations have worked out. Others may be celebrating while you are weeping. Others may be moving forward while you seem to going around in circles. Whatever the case may be, trust your journey.

A very good friend once said to me “Can you trust that right now, God is not laughing at you? That God is on your side?” Every time I feel like I have reached the end of my rope, those words give me hope afresh, and today I want you to ingest the same words. Trust that God is not looking at you right now and laughing at you. Trust that God is on your side even though it does not feel like it. Trust that God is taking you on a journey that’s leading to greatness. Trust that God is taking you through this difficulty so you can enjoy seamless happiness in the nearest future. Trust your journey and work through it. You are destined for awesomeness!

(demisweekly digest)

Mend the Bridges…

Have you lost a good friend to a small disagreement? Have you cut someone off because of a mistake he or she is unaware of? Did you overreact after an apology? Did you dig up past mistakes of your friends, in the process destroying everything your friendship stands for? Have you simply lost touch with friends who stood by you through your time of tribulation and celebrated you when you won? It’s time to mend the right bridges.

There are friends or people who were once part of our lives; people who were there for us the best way they knew how, friends who let us be ourselves, who laughed at our quirkiness, and wished us well. Somehow we’ve lost touch with these amazing people because we’ve been carried away by our struggles, our successes, and everything else in between.

Reach out to your old friends. Reach out to the friends who stood by you when storms raged. Reach out to the friends who forgave you when you snapped, and still stuck by you when you were unlovable. Don’t lose your connection to the right people. If you have, mend the connection. Send a text message or an email. Make that phone call to just check on them. Invite them over for lunch, or meet for coffee and catch up. Don’t lose the right bridges.


Be Love!

Everyone is looking for love. As much as we may want to deny it, we all have that yearning to be loved by someone. Perhaps that is why we sometimes get involved with the wrong people because they give us the attention we seek. Perhaps that is why many people stay in abusive relationships, because they get some kind of attention, which really they believe is better than no attention at all.

Everyone is out there looking for love, hence not many people are giving love. The world has become a place where takers are celebrated and givers are called losers. No one wants to be called a loser so we all toughen up and treat people with disdain, disrespect, and the ever mind-boggling swag.

Today, I want to encourage you to be the embodiment of love. Truly, life has no meaning except it has given love and received love. Be love. Reach out to others in love; understand the situation of others with love, forgive with love. Let love be your most important task to fulfill. Let love be all you aim to be when you wake up in the morning. Let people remember you for your love. Be the love that is so difficult to find in the world these days. Let love be what you inhale and exhale; let love be what you ingest. Be love.




Go Where You Are Celebrated.

Do you sometimes feel like you are being tolerated in your relationships/friendships? Do you find yourself stuck in friendships where you’re threatened if you don’t give more even though the other person is not giving anything? Do you find yourself with people who do not like to celebrate you or compliment your achievements? Many of us spend most of our time with people who simply tolerate us. We have friends whose noses are so high up in the air, they expect us to be grateful for their friendship. Some of us are in relationships where we are constantly reminded of how generous our partners are for even staying in the relationship. Afterall, there are better, hotter and richer potential partners out there?

It’s time to go where you are celebrated! You are too wonderful a creation to be tolerated. You are too amazing an individual to give and not receive anything in return. You are too wonderful a person to not be acknowledged for your efforts, your achievements, your successes, and your awesome personality. Stick closer to those who celebrate you. No, this is not conceit. It is food for your soul. Do not let anyone rob you of your right to be celebrated. If anyone in your circle is simply tolerating you, do that person a favor and excuse yourself. If your partner is treating you like a charity case, save him/her the time and energy and excuse yourself. You deserve to be celebrated.



Address Your Attitude

These days, I find that a high aptitude capacity sets the stage for a terrible attitude. Many of us are so engrossed in what we have achieved, we think anyone who’s going through difficulty is stupid. This mindset makes some of the most intelligent high-achieving individuals so unattractive. The truth is that attitude is everything! Your attitude will take you farther than your aptitude ever will. How do you treat other people? When you walk into a room, what air do you walk in with? Arrogance? Superciliousness? Haughtiness? Conceit? Do you walk in with the air that you are better than everyone else? Or do you extend warmth?

Many of us believe if we approach people with warmth, we will be seen to be less than our achievements; people won’t k now what we are worth and might accidentally put us in the same class as people who are yet to succeed. Wrong! This mindset is the most dangerous human mindset I have ever come across. The truth is that you are not better than anyone; your timeline to success is simply different. If you have the attitude of self-importance, you are setting yourself up for a fall. No one rushes to the aid of a self-important person; no one gives useful information to a self-important person; no one recommends a self-important person for upliftment, because self-important people project the idea that they do not need help. Address your attitude. Learn the attitude of humility. That you are humble, does not mean you are less than your achievements. It does not make you smaller. If anything at all, it makes you bigger and sets you up for bigger achievements.