Address Your Attitude

These days, I find that a high aptitude capacity sets the stage for a terrible attitude. Many of us are so engrossed in what we have achieved, we think anyone who’s going through difficulty is stupid. This mindset makes some of the most intelligent high-achieving individuals so unattractive. The truth is that attitude is everything! Your attitude will take you farther than your aptitude ever will. How do you treat other people? When you walk into a room, what air do you walk in with? Arrogance? Superciliousness? Haughtiness? Conceit? Do you walk in with the air that you are better than everyone else? Or do you extend warmth?

Many of us believe if we approach people with warmth, we will be seen to be less than our achievements; people won’t k now what we are worth and might accidentally put us in the same class as people who are yet to succeed. Wrong! This mindset is the most dangerous human mindset I have ever come across. The truth is that you are not better than anyone; your timeline to success is simply different. If you have the attitude of self-importance, you are setting yourself up for a fall. No one rushes to the aid of a self-important person; no one gives useful information to a self-important person; no one recommends a self-important person for upliftment, because self-important people project the idea that they do not need help. Address your attitude. Learn the attitude of humility. That you are humble, does not mean you are less than your achievements. It does not make you smaller. If anything at all, it makes you bigger and sets you up for bigger achievements.



One thought on “Address Your Attitude

  1. Naomi

    Vry true!attitude matters a lot in life!hav realised being humble pays a lot in life!and it is said in d bible if we humble ourselves as a baby God will lift us high!


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