Go Where You Are Celebrated.

Do you sometimes feel like you are being tolerated in your relationships/friendships? Do you find yourself stuck in friendships where you’re threatened if you don’t give more even though the other person is not giving anything? Do you find yourself with people who do not like to celebrate you or compliment your achievements? Many of us spend most of our time with people who simply tolerate us. We have friends whose noses are so high up in the air, they expect us to be grateful for their friendship. Some of us are in relationships where we are constantly reminded of how generous our partners are for even staying in the relationship. Afterall, there are better, hotter and richer potential partners out there?

It’s time to go where you are celebrated! You are too wonderful a creation to be tolerated. You are too amazing an individual to give and not receive anything in return. You are too wonderful a person to not be acknowledged for your efforts, your achievements, your successes, and your awesome personality. Stick closer to those who celebrate you. No, this is not conceit. It is food for your soul. Do not let anyone rob you of your right to be celebrated. If anyone in your circle is simply tolerating you, do that person a favor and excuse yourself. If your partner is treating you like a charity case, save him/her the time and energy and excuse yourself. You deserve to be celebrated.



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