Mend the Bridges…

Have you lost a good friend to a small disagreement? Have you cut someone off because of a mistake he or she is unaware of? Did you overreact after an apology? Did you dig up past mistakes of your friends, in the process destroying everything your friendship stands for? Have you simply lost touch with friends who stood by you through your time of tribulation and celebrated you when you won? It’s time to mend the right bridges.

There are friends or people who were once part of our lives; people who were there for us the best way they knew how, friends who let us be ourselves, who laughed at our quirkiness, and wished us well. Somehow we’ve lost touch with these amazing people because we’ve been carried away by our struggles, our successes, and everything else in between.

Reach out to your old friends. Reach out to the friends who stood by you when storms raged. Reach out to the friends who forgave you when you snapped, and still stuck by you when you were unlovable. Don’t lose your connection to the right people. If you have, mend the connection. Send a text message or an email. Make that phone call to just check on them. Invite them over for lunch, or meet for coffee and catch up. Don’t lose the right bridges.


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