Trust Your Journey!

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the surprises are downright unpleasant. You’ve probably planned a seamless stress-free journey through life. You’ve probably made the right plans, made the right moves, and even tried your best to maintain the right connections. However, for some reason, things are not working out the way you planned, and you find yourself at your wits end, wondering if and when things will fall into place. Perhaps everything is beyond your control at this point and you keep asking yourself “why me?”

Trust your journey. Yes, others may be zooming past you, and arriving at their destinations. Others may be showing off with they have achieved while you have to cower in shame because none of your aspirations have worked out. Others may be celebrating while you are weeping. Others may be moving forward while you seem to going around in circles. Whatever the case may be, trust your journey.

A very good friend once said to me “Can you trust that right now, God is not laughing at you? That God is on your side?” Every time I feel like I have reached the end of my rope, those words give me hope afresh, and today I want you to ingest the same words. Trust that God is not looking at you right now and laughing at you. Trust that God is on your side even though it does not feel like it. Trust that God is taking you on a journey that’s leading to greatness. Trust that God is taking you through this difficulty so you can enjoy seamless happiness in the nearest future. Trust your journey and work through it. You are destined for awesomeness!

(demisweekly digest)

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