How far ar you willing to go?

When people talk about relationships i begin to wonder and ask God why it exists in the first place, but then some people enjoy it, the company, the fun, the passion, the intimacy and all what Not.

Meaning it worked for someone else doesn’t  mean it will work for you, because people search their whole lives looking to find that one person who completes them, and few gets lucky while others give up, and then some could not find that person who completes them. We all have different levels of grace and some of us are willing to go through hell and back with the one we believe we are meant to be with, but what if it turns out to be a waste of time? I mean we all get confused on what Love really means that some of us suffer in relationships that keep us locked out from meeting our soul mate, either because we think we can make our present the picture of what we want, or we are stuck, but how far can we go?

Love does not hurt, love does not lie, love is compromise,love is trust, love is tolerance and it goes on and on, but often times we stay in relationships that does not have any of these to show for it, i mean you keep giving and giving and all your partner do is just take and take and make empty promises on changing, but Note that change is constant but some people are stagnant and will never change.

How long will you keep hoping, and praying that things will get better and they will begin to see things through your eyes? We weren’t born to suffer here on earth and in as much as relationships are so hard and we need to fight for what we want, but what if there is nothing to fight for? We don’t have to manage, because Love is the greatest gift of all and if it doesn’t work for you then take a Bold step and find that one person who would do anything to keep a smile on your face, because their efforts will show you the position they want in your life and not their empty words, promises or intentions…

It may be difficult to start all over but focus on the brighter side, Meeting someone new, that feeling of butterflies in your tummy, sweet dreams and imaginations, the feeling of being wanted and appreciated. Finding your soulmate may take so long, but it is worth the wait, because forever is too long to be with the wrong One!

The Essence of Forgiveness.

Many of us struggle with the concept of forgiveness because we do not understand it. There are many times I have told myself I’ve forgiven a person, yet the next time I lay eyes on them or see a picture of them, I feel like scratching their faces. Sometimes, I led myself to believe that if I ignored such people or cut them out of my life completely, then forgiveness would somehow emerge out of the blue. I can tell you that only works with people who meant to nothing to you from the start. Forgiveness is a process, and sometimes a lengthy one. To truly forgive, you must understand what forgiveness really aims to achieve.

Forgiveness is not equivalent to amnesia which is what I focused on achieving many times. Forgiveness does not mean you automatically forget how much a person hurt you. Rather, forgiveness lessens the impact of the wrongdoing. This is what makes the whole thing a process. To truly forgive, you may have to relive the hurt again, you may find yourself over-analyzing and trying to excuse a person’s bad behavior. You may find yourself hurting over and over, but after a while, the effects of the negative emotions start to wear off. You find that you are letting go. And the next time you see the cause of your hurt, you don’t feel like scratching out his or her face. You might want to pinch them, but hey like I said, it is a process. Give yourself time to come to a point of forgiveness. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t come to that point as soon as you’d like. Forgiveness is a process, and it does not mean you forget any wrongs perpetrated against you easily.

So, Let go and Let Live!!



Motivational Springs..


Who Are You?

Everyday after my daily activity, i lay on my bed and play my day in my head to know what i have achieved in the past hours, and most times i also retrace my step and figure a way to step up my game both professionally and attitude-wise..

No body is perfect hope you know that? but i always want to be close to perfect because those who don’t work towards it remain average thinkers which i definitely don’t want to become. So, how well do you know yourself?

Have you heard of the ‘fantasy fighting class’? where you measure your strengths and weakness to determine who you really are…A mage, a knight, a rogue, a ranger or a healer.

Do you even take time to study yourself and your attitude to know what makes you thick or thin? How you present yourself to the outside world and what people know about you and how your attitude affects how things work in your life and how you associate with the outside world..

The Johari window also tells us a lot about the 4 areas to a person and its amazing how true that is…Ever wondered why things don’t work so well in a certain part of your life? it may be due to an attitude you need to fix because sometimes nobody is willing to give you a tap or a hint on that area of your life. Your relationship with people defines you; do you stick to your word? do you deliver or are you just a talker? do you weigh your priorities or you are always sentimental?

we all wanna be good people, we all wanna be better persons both to our friends and acquaintances, but how well do we even know ourselves and how often do we try to eliminate our negative energy for more positive ones to come? Fix yourself!

Feed your Spirit…

Many people are walking around with broken spirits because they have been feeding the wrong stuff to their minds. Many people feed themselves negativity on a daily basis. Some people feed themselves with anxiety, stress, pain, rejection and all kinds of negative emotions. Your spirit is an integral part of your being, and once it is broken, you are likely to stay stuck for a very long time. Think about it; if a car with four tyres has one flat tyre, how far can it go until that tyre is fixed? Or if you put petrol in a diesel engine, what kind of combustion reaction is likely to occur? Aren’t you damaging the engine of the car? The same applies to your spirit.

Your spirit is your engine hence it needs to be properly serviced, and fed the right kind of stuff. Instead of dwelling on the negativity all around you, wrap yourself in the assurance God’s word provides. Instead of feeding yourself with thoughts of desperation or shady deals to succeed, seek knowledge in how to be successful without having to look over your shoulder everyday. Feed your spirit with the right kind of knowledge; feed yourself with the word of God that reassures us of God’s word, and constantly reminds us not to be afraid.


Motivational Spring.

As far as your Eyes can See.

This year, something that has become very clear to me is the need to have vision. Vision gives direction, and it paints a picture of what you believe you can achieve. Take note of that: your vision is based on what you believe you can achieve. If your vision is based on small conquests, then that is what you are only ever likely to achieve. If your vision is based on a starter pack mentality, then that’s what you will get. God said to Abraham in Genesis 13:15, “I will give all the land that you see to you and your descendants forever.” That is the first important lesson in the bible regarding vision.

So the question is how far can your eyes see? I’m not referring to your physical eyes. How far do your dreams go? How high is your vision? What do you see yourself achieving. As far as your eyes can see, you will receive. Be wise. Improve your vision. Build a bigger dream. Even if it doesn’t seem like it for a while, your life will eventually go in the direction of your vision. Again I ask, how far can your eyes see?


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