Who Are You?

Everyday after my daily activity, i lay on my bed and play my day in my head to know what i have achieved in the past hours, and most times i also retrace my step and figure a way to step up my game both professionally and attitude-wise..

No body is perfect hope you know that? but i always want to be close to perfect because those who don’t work towards it remain average thinkers which i definitely don’t want to become. So, how well do you know yourself?

Have you heard of the ‘fantasy fighting class’? where you measure your strengths and weakness to determine who you really are…A mage, a knight, a rogue, a ranger or a healer.

Do you even take time to study yourself and your attitude to know what makes you thick or thin? How you present yourself to the outside world and what people know about you and how your attitude affects how things work in your life and how you associate with the outside world..

The Johari window also tells us a lot about the 4 areas to a person and its amazing how true that is…Ever wondered why things don’t work so well in a certain part of your life? it may be due to an attitude you need to fix because sometimes nobody is willing to give you a tap or a hint on that area of your life. Your relationship with people defines you; do you stick to your word? do you deliver or are you just a talker? do you weigh your priorities or you are always sentimental?

we all wanna be good people, we all wanna be better persons both to our friends and acquaintances, but how well do we even know ourselves and how often do we try to eliminate our negative energy for more positive ones to come? Fix yourself!

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