A Minute.

Few days ago, i was about leaving for work in the morning, and i stopped a Cab right in front of my house and sat at the back seat, just before he started to move i quickly said ‘ohhh please wait a minute, i forgot something’ and then he started grumbling that i wanted to waste his time and all that, but i was just gonna wear my wrist watch i left on my dressing table and it wouldn’t even take a minute, he drove off without listening, leaving me behind, so I went inside, picked my watch in less than 40 seconds and walked down the road to get another cab which wasn’t so hard to do..

Few minutes after entering the cab we encountered a bad traffic, and unlike normal days on that route i was curious to see what was causing the traffic, and to my surprise in a bad way though, it was the driver who didn’t give me a minute to pick my watch, lying there almost lifeless on the floor and his car shattered and twisted like an old fig tree.

Shocking right? all these happened in less than 5 minutes, but if only he gave me a minute, something would have been different, something no one knows right now except God, i could have been the one to save him, or was God trying to save me rather? either ways, we will never know that now!

It is Amazing how a minute can change your life forever, you know…….i see how people fall in love in just a minute, some get divorced or heart broken in just a minute, some stumble on their break through in just a minute, some make the hardest decisions in just a minute, and some don’t even know what to do with their own Minute, they take people for granted, take their lives for granted, take their purpose in life for granted, but if only they know, that a Minute is all you need to change your life forever, remember we have just one life to live? Some people don’t get second chances in life, once that important minute passes you by, it may take a life time for a window of opportunity to come by,

Define your life, Time is one precious gift that never returns and never stops…….One minute could change your life forever, but what change do you want it to be? is it the change that brings growth, progress, and utmost fulfillment? or the change that keeps you from fulfilling God’s initial plans in your life…

Your Destiny is in your hands!