You are Stronger than you know.

Anyone missed me? hehehe, just took a little time to absorb my thoughts and sink in my challenges and move on…

The past few days have been a dramatically Uncertain one for me as i received a very Sad news, that was almost like a dream i thought God was testing me, but you know what? i try my very best in such situations though lesser ones not to question God or ask him why? i am a strong believer of God and somewhere in my heart i thank him everyday for what he has done for me and i consider myself his favorite so even in trying times, i always believe he has a special purpose he is preparing me for. How about those who have received worse news? The gravity of a sad news to me, may be just a mere news to someone else, and the reverse also, i thought to myself.

We are all born differently and we react to things differently, i mean, what i can tolerate may be all hell let lose to someone else and the reverse also, but what defines us is how we handle situations in rough times…….Who told you you were born to be Happy all the time? who told you life was a bed of roses? who told you challenges or rough times come your way because God hates you?And who told you that you are not strong enough?

I don’t know how strong your faith is in God, or what you have been going through, or if you received the shocker news like i did, but let me tell you something…..

i have always found a way of bracing myself up, encouraging myself, staying optimistic, and trying to understand that we are stronger than we know, and God did not give us struggles, hard times or challenges because he likes to watch us suffer, NOOOOOO……He makes us go through all these to know that he will never leave us and he will never give us a burden we cannot carry….it all depends on how we see it albeit different because our strengths and weaknesses are different, and there will be times when it all seems like the world is crashing right in front of our faces, when it feels like we are alone in this world, when it feels like nothing seems to work out for good in our lives, when it feels like God has abandoned us or he doesn’t even exist or rather we are just a tiny little jelly fish in an ocean of big fishes and sharks and nobody seems to notice us……A lot of people today are keeping a burden in their hearts, some are tired of waiting for a miracle, scared, down casted, worried, some are lost and cant seem to find their way in life, some are heart broken and it feels like their world is over, some are suffering from depression due to one disappointment or the other, and some people live everyday like it is their last……But i want you to know something you are stronger than you think, your life and experiences is a testimony and maybe its not supposed to be easy for you, maybe you are one of the rare special few who can candle rough times and still choose to be a loving and happy person, maybe you are built for something bigger than you can imagine and you are being prepared for it, and maybe God wants you to be strong enough to teach other people how not to give up on themselves, you have to live each day to fight to stay strong for yourself and for everyone around you. If you do not believe in God, then at least find it in yourself to believe in you, because you were not born to be crushed underfoot by a problem…Whatever the pain or agony is in your heart today, find the essence of your life and what you are passionate about and stop procrastinating any plans you have, brace yourself up, take heart, console yourself, it may take a little while for you to get back on your feet because we are humans, but time waits for No one, don’t waste one more minute of your life wallowing with the ‘what ifs’ or ‘why me’ of life.

Say YES to living a fulfilled life and you will be surprised how the answers will come out of the Strangest places because there is always a Silver lining somewhere in every hitch…