New Phase!

I know I haven’t written in a while and I won’t say I didn’t have anything to write but a lot happened soo fast in the past months and it’s just been crazy…And Yes!!!…I missed writing, it is obviously the only way I get to express myself explicably, I mean I can write for Africa just to send a simple message across and yes I love that about me.

So, I am scared of alot of things…The future, change, my dreams, and even Love!..and it’s been hard trying to face my fears, I believe in myself no doubt but sometimes fear becomes soo taunting like it actually knows what it’s doing, hunting one to see if he will fall or face it…You know Someone once told me I don’t have monopoly of feelings in the mist of an argument, I wish he knew better.

All that been said….its OK to be scared sometimes, it’s OK to have fears;fears of relationships, fears for a job advancement, fears for success and the list goes on, remember we are humans are these are feelings that are inevitable no matter how strong we look on the outside…The bottom line should be that we try and work hard and put in our best in whatever we do and also understand that it is just a phase and it shall pass and better days are ahead!.


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