No Chill.

Some of us are just soo Amazing that some people cannot contend with our Awesomeness!!!… I for one knows how special and Extra-ordinary i am and i see how people think so less of themselves that they allow people take advantage of their emotions, and who they really are, people make you change from the sweet loving warm hearted person you are into someone you can barely recognise – cold hearted, mean, snobbish and the likes of it…

Well, some of us are born like that but God made no mistake in making you who you are, and this may sound like a broken record but some people are not meant to be in your lives, you have to come to terms with that.

You are who God says you are and some people are bound to make you feel otherwise because of some selfish reasons you may never get to fathom, they make you feel like you are not worth the struggle, worth the job, worth the love, worth fighting for or even worth keeping, but be rest assured that you are worth every and anything except it is not meant for you in God’s eyes..I also tell myself that i am indispensable, except it wasn’t meant to be because i know my value and in as much as i know i am imperfect, i strive to be a better person everyday and so should you..

No one should tell you when you can’t take it anymore, no one should force you to let it go because our strength and weaknesses differs…only you can tell yourself when you can’t take it anymore and enough of people trying to make you seem paranoid, We all know about our 6th sense, some call it instincts and when you are in line with yourself your instincts almost never lies..

Just take a deep breath and tell yourself that your God made no mistake and only him can define who you are and you have chosen to be Extra-ordinary.


Love and Light.

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