When God doesn’t make sense.

I came across a book titled ‘When God doesn’t make sense’ by James Dobson a few weeks ago, and knowing that a lover of books like me wouldnt let it go, i had to glance through it just to feed my curiosity and probably starve my doubt and behold….I was left in Awe at the explanations compressed to fit that book of over 2oo pages.

Often times when we are faced with challenges, tough times, heartbreaks, trials and reoccurring sentimental or even career issues that just seems to put a heavy weight on our shoulders for no just no cause, probably even after doing everything right, it begins to feel like we are targets, like nothing seems to work for good in our favour.

We pray constantly, fast, study the bible…and it seems all those efforts yield nothing positive, then we begin to question our faith in God or if he even exists, because at that point in time…Nothing makes sense, God does not make sense, and neither does life itself.

Listen, God gave you Emotions on purpose and our Emotions play a vital role in our living happy, healthy and successful lives. All the trials we face and the emotions we feel help us understand and discover the wonders of this life, but that diversity of feelings is supposed to complement our lives and not determine it.


Life does not make sense sometimes and we have to learn to live with that, and sometimes God does not make sense either because the ways of man is not the way of God and we have to trust him and believe that delay is not denial and even when it seems like our whole world is crushing, and nothing seems to work out in our minds……God still makes sense but we just cant see it yet…Keep in mind that, if there are no hard times or struggles in life then you would not know what Breakthroughs and miracles feels like.

Love and Light.