Take out the Weeds.

Happy New Year!!!! My beloved readers, oh yes i know its been well over months since you last heard from me and No i don’t have any solid excuse for my silence but i hope that does not cause a ‘wedge’ between us.

These past few months have been quite eventful both personally, socially, educationally and other wise and note to say i made important choices that has given me inner peace and a sense of direction. I took out weeds from my life figuratively i mean and it has been the best decision yet.

Many of us do not know our value, i keep hammering on it and it is quite saddening but that is not a topic for the day.

2017 promises to be fruitful and a year of Divine Restoration which is to say that it is time to act and take your place here on earth, stop relaxing, stop accepting any kind of handouts, stop settling for less….Some of us had big dreams while growing up and suddenly it no longer exist…why? We gave up one way or the other due to some challenges that eventually passed..Now let me tell you something, the day you stop developing yourself is the day you start dying and i mean it literally….Do something, learn something, read a book; motivational, inspirational, christian or whatever but don’t make yourself redundant…Don’t waste your time with people who cannot see on the same level you see, who cannot help you achieve or push you to achieve, you are not ordinary and you need to tell yourself that everyday else you will lose your sanity.

Take out time to reminisce, what have you achieved over the years, are you scared of having a quiet time? Well it is never too late. Do not get comfortable where you are, follow your dreams, your passion, be outstanding, be creative and most of all take out every ‘weed’ in your life because the greatest mistake most of us make in life is letting someone be a stone to your balloon.

Love and Light!