Colleagues turned Friends.

So about two years ago when I passed out from the National youth service corps, I got an interview immediately and that was how my career started. I was very scared at first because, relocating back home and not having time to catch up with my friends that were lucky enough to serve in my family home base gave me mixed feelings or maybe it was fear of the unknown. It was at that point my brain restructured to the fact that God answers prayers because the fear of sitting at home without a Job after service was giving me the chills and I remember applying tirelessly for even jobs I was not qualified for. Well, for some people it took longer than expected but their own day came, and for others they are still waiting for their day and trust me it will come because it is not how far but how well.

Screenshot_2015-06-12-18-07-53  Anyways, I resumed exactly a month after my second Interview and I remember my sister telling me that I have been ushered into a new phase entirely in my life and this is the point where reality sets in. So I resume work on this faithful day and I was given a desk and chair in the same office with this very slim dark looking girl that dressed so well, she was 6 months older than me in the organization and knew her way around, lets call her Coco. Work began and Coco started putting me through most of the things I knew nothing about, she was very smart I must confess and was about my age grade and that made me a little comfortable. One week later, another lady resumed and she was the Admin officer also our age grade, apparently she had been on leave for few weeks, and she was elated to see me. She welcomed me very well with her beautiful smile and deep dimples just like mine….Okay fine, mine is not so visible but all na dimples sha heheheh, her smile was Adorable. She and Coco seemed very free with one another and they ‘gisted’ about lots of things, trying to catch up and all, lets call the dimples lady Cassie….

Time went by, weeks, months and before you knew it we were like the three Musketeers in the office, we talked about everything…well almost, ate together, hung out together, visited one another, advised one another, and of course had misunderstandings some times which was dramatic by the way…(One of the things I will miss). It was fun having these girls around and it took a while to admit but we were actually friends. One thing I learned while working with them was how to separate our differences from our work, meaning we may be having a fight as friends but we still worked together as colleagues to get the job done.

Fast forward two years later, with a whole lot of things that happened in between these period, they have been Amazing…Extremely I must confess, so let me say this.

Coco and Cassie, are the kind of colleagues that everyone will wanna have, knowing that someone shares in your story, your dreams, your aspirations, vulnerable moments, goes beyond the ordinary. I mean, I am blessed with few Amazing friends that meets all the requirements and are very rare because we ‘goal’ alike but it feels good to know that not only those friends are Extra-ordinary, you can meet more of such people in your work environment and they turn out to be great. Having a Great colleague and a colleague turned friends are two different things because it doesn’t just end in the confine of an office building.

So, Cassie is relocating to the States, the project is coming to an end and I and Coco may not get to work in the same organization or state again. This is the point when I realize that memories is actually all we will ever have and hold on to, because there may never be another Cassie and Coco in my life, there may just be another Cassie or another Coco but the “Gang” …………well, lets hope for the best.

Love and Light.