High School Chronicles.

  • So few months ago, one of my oldest friends insisted on meeting me up saying we needed to discuss stuff about “US”, apparently we hadn’t spoken in a while and she thought we had been on an intentional silent mode for reasons she stated which honestly I couldn’t even remember. She came to my office during lunch hour after much insistence and it was really great seeing her after a while.
    She started by saying whatever I seemed to had done that she wasn’t happy with and most of which I never kept in mind tbh, but the part that drew me aback was when she said she met with some of our former high school classmates and they asked about me and couldn’t stop calling me names…”snobbish, proud, arrogant” and the likes of it almost like ‘the thing pain them die’….hhhmmnnn.
    Now let me tell you a little about my high school days……it was fun to say the least..
    I mean, I was on scholarship for the first three years, I was very….very…very popular, I always had a click of friends who of course were so cool too, liked by seniors and I had an Amazing school mother…. for my mates – disliked by many, mostly the irrelevant ones tho (at that time) and my immediate seniors I’m sure “Hate” was an understatement because they seized every opportunity to punish I and my friends specially like we were a threat of some sort…Well, you know how immediates are even in families.
    I became a prefect and most interesting of all, I was in press club and was a pretty good reader that Monday assembly was anticipated for by students partly to hear me read and so they can join in chorusing my name with me while introducing myself before reading….Maybe I wasn’t even that good…abeg I was very good jare!. Need I fail to mention I was mostly paired with this very intelligent reader that happens to be a Lawyer right now….(FM)…..oh I was also part of this Amazing singing group (VOP) that made me look forward to Sundays because we slayed like Queens and sang like Angels. The good old salad days seems like yesterday.
    So, in between all the brouhaha that happened in high school, I had massive fun sometimes at other peoples peril but it wasn’t my fault, I guess being privileged is something I can’t fight any longer and have happily accepted…hahahahahaha.(No offense, maybe its the confidence I have in God) So, yes I was snobbish, pride full and possibly arrogant amongst many other adjectives but I also had and still have brains, at least that counts for something doesn’t it? (Just teasing LOL) Well, the point is that I enjoyed every bit and minute of high school BUT it’s over now, at best some of us have a good and civil relationship with one another now.

    Fast forward to 9 years later, can some people let it rest for heaven sake?
    I mean this is something we all can joke about right now yeah? But the funny part is how people still take it personal like I rained on their parade or something, these are people that I can’t even remember and to be honest I don’t even care about and they shouldn’t care about me too because I couldn’t even place their names when she mentioned…exactly what I told my friend when she told me about the said “Gossip” Probably she was using all these as a way to score points on me and make me the villain of our “issues” but it didn’t affect me one bit (I’m sorry if you see this Babygirl)




    So here is what I have to say….back then, I was in my teens and I did a lot of childish act that I possibly cannot even remember but that’s what children do, so can we get over it already? I had fun, it came with the territory….Can you all move on with me and probably, just maybe we can all joke about it and laugh at our stupidity sometime in the future? I mean, we are all in our twenties now Godammit!…Let it go, trust me I am not that Important anymore, except to the world though…#winks#…..So, it doesn’t have to be that deep, we all have had our fair share of mistreatment over time by colleagues, friends and sometimes family but getting past it is what makes us stronger by the day.

    Some people do not really know my kind of person, sides from the fact that I get irritated easily and can be extremely annoying LOL.. here are few things you should know..

  • I Love my space.
  • I am Honest to a fault….maybe too blunt.
  • I am an Ambivert…not much of a hangout person or a socialite.
  • I Love to read books and surf the net, movies, music and I love to Reminisce.
  • I am passionate about everything I do and I take responsibilities for my actions.
  • I can be mean sometimes and very bad at keeping in touch with old acquaintances.
  • I have zero tolerance for bullshit and inconsistency.
  • I am very sarcastic, I eat off humor and I laugh a lot.
  • Most Importantly….I AM AMAZING!!

So this goes to every one of us out there who is finding it hard to let some frivolous things go, who enjoys feeding off peoples topic with rage, envy or struggling with forgiveness, who are still hurt because of one significant mistake, issue or phase in the past….Lets forgive each other and move on, we can help one another in the future and maybe there is a chance we can even be friends…(a slim chance tho…LOL) Sometimes we don’t even know we have hurt someone in the course of our daily lives and lastly, “Most” of us have grown up over the years and are just busy trying to build our careers and make a living for ourselves.

At this point, let us all work towards being the better version of ourselves and Understand that this life is really not a competition, we are all struggling to be in a better place so focus on your hustle and hopefully we will get there someday.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”.

XOXO from S.K.

Love and Light,