Family is everything.

About a week ago I came home from work and met my mum in tears, from the deep shade of red color her eyes proved she had been crying for quite a while and I asked…’mum, whats the matter’ and she said my aunt who was just at our house three weeks ago had suddenly died. It was really devastating because to be honest she was an extremely good woman and it hurts so much how bad things happen to good people but here is my point………………During the burial mass sermon, the priest made an observation that was unequivocally true amongst a lot of families these days; The only thing in this life we cannot choose is our family, they come in different shades, they are frigging annoying they can get on your last nerves, you will hate them sometimes, you will get bored of them, but the truth remains we are yoked for life and we have no choice than to accept them, tolerate one another and love them none the less because when they are gone? we will wish we showed them more love or better still told them how much we loved them.


I knew a guy once who had been keeping malice with his Dad for over 7 years, when i found out and tried talking to him about it he came up with excuses and reasons for his behavior and it was a total turn off for me instantly. Maybe he had a very good reason and his Dad deserved it but at that point all i could think about was myself and not having the privilege of having a dad while growing up while others were enjoying the company of theirs, and here is someone who still has a father but cannot mend fences? I am not the best of them all, and i am still trying to find my balance in this world we live in but i know one thing for sure….”We understand death for the first time, when it touches the ones we love”.

So, to all my friends out there who have been hurt deeply by a family member, or a friend who is like family, who seem to be holding grudges for offenses long forgotten….No one said it will be easy but It is time to accept an apology you may never receive, it is time to mend fences, forgive or make an effort to forgive the ones we love be it family or not because either by blood or by association….Family is everything.

Happy Independence.