I Met Someone New.

I am known to bask in my own world because this my head is full of Amazing possibilities that I must achieve and nothing can stop me because there is no room for mediocrity in my lexicon.
So recently, I met someone incredible and when I say that I don’t just mean averagely I mean – implausible, fabulous, outstanding….and the list goes on.
We could literally talk about any and everything and conversations were so easy that it just
flowed effortlessly and sometimes I don’t even want it to end – one of my fears!…But that’s not the case because this may just be a figment of my imagination, does this person even exist or its just fiction.


…Moving on, I posted my friend’s pre-wedding photos some days back and while some were sending congratulatory messages, some were sending messages like…”we are waiting for yours ohhh”. And I tried to suppress my alter ego’s force to respond in a nasty way and just try to be nice about it because its possible they meant no harm but since this blog is my space to vent I just want to let it all out here and set the record straight.

I really don’t know what some people want in marriages, I don’t know everyone’s expectations, what they look out for but I see people going into marriages that have no solid foundation, no aim, no plan other than reproduction, love, or desperation – which makes people settle for less than they deserve, fantasy and some sick idea of feeling “whole”…and maybe that is what they want or all they can get and some are happy while most are not but please give me a break I beg of you…Marriage isn’t the “holy grail” or the Ultimate goal…atleast not for me.
I believe there should be a standard for everyone and what rocks my boat, may sink your ship.

As for me, marriage is not meant for everyone in this world and it’s my opinion which is my fundamental human right, so you don’t have to agree with me but allow me find what I am searching for.
Three things I am scared of in this world are:
1. Not making heaven.
2. Not reaching my full potential on earth.
3. Marrying the wrong one or for the wrong reasons.

This is Africa, I know so save your breath by spelling it out for me but maybe I am 1 of the 3% who want more than just companionship and have grown to understand that there is so much more to life than marriage….it will come when it comes and trust me by that time God will interrupt my plans and make me realise it’s essence and that person. But in the mean time, let us learn to love “wisely” in relationships and love “blindly” in marriage. Most people tend to switch places with both which obviously leads to misplaced priorities but hey…I am not a marriage or relationship expert and my intentions are genuine – I promise. All i’m tryna say is some people take longer in finding “the one” and it doesn’t make you any less of a human contrary to what the society believes.

This is me wishing you all your heart desires now and always and hoping you find the wind beneath your wings.

Love and Light.