Tyler Perry really did a number on a lot of us with this new block buster I must confess, and contrary to the fact that I am not much of a fan with his one sided show case of portraying a black woman as ‘Always raged or melo dramatic’ in most of his movies, I can explicitly say this particular movie got a lot of people talking and now I am here to talk……

So, I am going to start with the bible and a verse about an angry woman – Proverbs 21:9 says “It is better to live on a corner of a roof than share a house with an angry woman”

I have read a lot of arguments especially on social media and had few arguments as well on who is to blame in this movie which has led me to critically analyse MY opinion on certain issues portrayed in the act, after watching it over and over again.

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Every major character except Melinda is to blame and I will tell you why. Let us begin with her husband. That guy is a typical example of a lazy ass USER, and I know a lot of men will counter this statement but it is your opinion. Yes, he had big dreams and was an intelligent young man with full blown potentials and prospects but he also took advantage of the fact that this young-naive girl truly loved him and was willing to do anything to keep him. What happened to supporting your spouse and your home while pursuing your dream? What happened to Love? What happened to empathy? What happened to care? For 18 solid years, this woman was never a nag nor did she bruise your ego in anyway, she stood by you and took it all in, she took up the responsibility of a man and a wife, she fed you, she went against her family for you, she gave up her home for you and her education, she would never be able to carry a child because of her stupid impulsive reaction towards your inability to keep the thing in between your legs to yourself……Every single dime of hers was invested in you, now this alone requires LOYALTY. You know, there were times in the course of their marriage I expected her to maybe curse him, maybe nag or probably leave but she did not. How many women would have stayed?

Diane, is a typical OPPORTUNIST – she saw prospects and she grabbed it with both hands and ensured it was fruitful at the end of the day. This lady watched those videos over and over again and she knew it was going to be a hit and she paved ways for it because without her he would not have even gotten through the front door, So as far as I am concern that 10 million dollars was meant for Diane and not Melinda – as per “Thanks for putting me through the door and being of tremendous help”….Marriage was definitely going over board!……

So what if at the peak of the moment Melinda decides to mess up? He still did not have the right to throw it all away because she deserved at least a bit of credit for sticking around when nothing seemed great. Did you notice he never called even once after she asked him to leave? 3 months went by and he did not even try to fight for that relationship/marriage, not even once which intensified her rage!

Her Sisters were all she ever had, they stood by her. And so what if they are not perfect, I mean I do not agree with most of the choices they made but they reacted to what they knew and how they saw their sister constantly struggling to cater for a man who promised her the world itself. They saw their sister sinking and maybe if they knew better they would have acted better but they tried to help anyways!.

Then Diane taunted this woman by intentionally rubbing it on her face that he gave her everything, including a baby. The house, the boat, the wedding, the ring, the vacation places etc….C’mon, who does that? I mean with the same lady that has unfortunately made history in her life that she will never have a child? As far as I am concern, that was pure disrespect and intentional and it was never about the money for Melinda, it was about pain, heartbreak, broken trust, broken promises, wasted years and revenge!….At this point she could literally not feel anything except the rage she has harbored for years.

You do not treat someone you once loved that way, you do not treat someone who gave up everything for you that way. He did not have to get back with her, he knew her well enough to know how to go about it. He knew first hand how crazy she can get and he married her despite all odds….So, Melinda’s reaction is DEFINITELY not an excuse but she is not to blame. Loyalty is what has kept and is still keeping a lot of marriages and relationships today but that is a story for another day.

A wise woman once told me……A man is only as humble as his empty pocket, when money walks through the door his true colors surfaces.

‘Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned’

Love and Light,