How far ar you willing to go?

When people talk about relationships i begin to wonder and ask God why it exists in the first place, but then some people enjoy it, the company, the fun, the passion, the intimacy and all what Not.

Meaning it worked for someone else doesn’t  mean it will work for you, because people search their whole lives looking to find that one person who completes them, and few gets lucky while others give up, and then some could not find that person who completes them. We all have different levels of grace and some of us are willing to go through hell and back with the one we believe we are meant to be with, but what if it turns out to be a waste of time? I mean we all get confused on what Love really means that some of us suffer in relationships that keep us locked out from meeting our soul mate, either because we think we can make our present the picture of what we want, or we are stuck, but how far can we go?

Love does not hurt, love does not lie, love is compromise,love is trust, love is tolerance and it goes on and on, but often times we stay in relationships that does not have any of these to show for it, i mean you keep giving and giving and all your partner do is just take and take and make empty promises on changing, but Note that change is constant but some people are stagnant and will never change.

How long will you keep hoping, and praying that things will get better and they will begin to see things through your eyes? We weren’t born to suffer here on earth and in as much as relationships are so hard and we need to fight for what we want, but what if there is nothing to fight for? We don’t have to manage, because Love is the greatest gift of all and if it doesn’t work for you then take a Bold step and find that one person who would do anything to keep a smile on your face, because their efforts will show you the position they want in your life and not their empty words, promises or intentions…

It may be difficult to start all over but focus on the brighter side, Meeting someone new, that feeling of butterflies in your tummy, sweet dreams and imaginations, the feeling of being wanted and appreciated. Finding your soulmate may take so long, but it is worth the wait, because forever is too long to be with the wrong One!

4 thoughts on “How far ar you willing to go?

  1. Clement Chuku

    Well said Sannomkings,its all about having the Grace to identify that one person that your Heart Beats For and vice Versa cos theirs a lot of pretence relationships… As you said “forever is too long to be with the wrong One”…….


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