Hello 2016!

When i was younger, i had a book where i would write down all my achievements of the year and then the down sides also, and afterwards Resolve to what i wanna achieve the next year and how i wanna behave, habits i wanna stop or avoid, characters i wanna inculcate and all that….

Fortunately or should i say unfortunately, out of 10 of my resolutions, i ended up achieving almost none or less than none even. it became funny because at that point when i was writing my resolution i was determined that it was gonna work, and i had this good friend that always reminded me at this time of the year…’have you written down your new year resolution’ Sannom?

I Believe in God, and now i have come to realize why i hardly achieved most of my resolutions, i mean now i always almost achieve all of them….

We sometimes forget that God exist and like the saying goes ‘We make plans, and God laughs at them’ because he has better plans for us. i am not all about God….wait, hold on….of course i am all about God because he has proven to exist without reasonable doubt and has come around for me severally.

Those years my resolution didn’t come to past was simply because i never told God about it, i never told him to come to my aid, i never asked for his guidance, we have no idea the importance of a little prayer….just a little prayer….

We all want to be better people, we want to have great jobs, outstanding partners, beautiful homes and lovely kids…….i in particular want to learn how to forgive easily, i want to learn how to manage my temper, i want to learn to be less ‘mean’ and be nicer….at least that’s my new year Resolution and yes, i will definitely put it in God’s hands, but how about you?

Don’t you dare write a resolution without working extra hard to achieve it, you cant pray for a job and sit at home everyday waiting for a miracle to happen, you cant pray for an extra-ordinary partner and exhibit an attitude that is unacceptable even to yourself….Time waits for no one, if we don’t make use of the opportunity God gives us everyday then we have to accept whatever comes to us.

In a nutshell, when it comes to Resolutions, be it new year, middle year or end of the year, do not write or ask for what you will not work hard to achieve…Some of us are lazy talkers, we talk too much, make a lot of noise and sit on our asses waiting for everything to be handed to us, but it doesn’t work that way.. Maybe we ain’t just trying enough, or just maybe we need to push harder…And life is too short not to achieve your dreams or aspirations or live comfortably….

2016, is gonna be a beautiful year for me, i can feel it….but i also want it to be a beautiful year for my dear readers, so, lets work hard, be optimistic, learn to be positive, always pray to God, redefine your attitude, make good and reasonable friends only, it is never too late to achieve what you have lost, it only takes determination and focus because those who made it don’t have two heads, they just learned to use theirs more often than us….Hard work really Pays you know!…so, Define yourself in 2016….

3 thoughts on “Hello 2016!

  1. Naomi

    Awwwwwwww!dis piece has really touched me in d bones,which I had to write my goals and aw to acheive dem in 2016.and by d grace of God hav acheived one already!well done Dee.


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